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Unidentified subject!

When I sent my reply to Mike this morning I hadn't seen Tiffany's original
email about business lunches.  Obviously if it is that regular you need
something more substantial than salad.  I always find breads good if you go
somewhere that makes their own.  Pasta with tomato sauce and veges (avoid the
ones that don't have a sauce as they are usually plastered in olive oil)?  
Some kind of gourmet sandwich/bap/bagel.  I know the vege chillis are usually
horrible...  Soups are ok if you can find out what is in them.  In indian/thai
etc restaurants the entrees tend to be fried, but in normal restaurants (out
here at least) they are usually quite light, and a couple of them could do the
job.  and then there is always the fresh fruit salad if you need something

Good luck!