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Unidentified subject!


Firstly, I missed the address for Dixie's Diner mailer and can't find it
anywhere on the web.  Could someone post it again.

Secondly, for Diane, you can do so much with pumpkin!  Stuff with a risotto
mixture of rice, capsicum (mild peppers), spring onions, broccoli florets,
cauli, snow peas, sprouts - anything with some ginger, garlic and soy sauce. 
Or make great soup:  cook up some onion and garlic, add vege stock and curry
powder and pumpkin (need to fry the curry pdr though) and simmer for an hour
(or half an hour if you are impatient and cook at a high temp) then puree some
of it in processer (0r mash it) and add back.  Add cubes of it to stir fry's,
make a puree out of cooked squash and yoghurt and spices and make pumppkin
lasagne or canneloni.  Or cut into pieces and bake in the oven in a little soy
sauce.  (As you can tell, I love pumpkin, specially with soy sauce).

Have fun and enjoy - be creative!