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1 Cup reconstituted TVP or any Dixie Diner?s 
Chicken, or Turkey NOT
1 TSP Dixie Diner?s Beef NOT broth
1 package FF Won Ton wraps (some have added fat, you need 
to examine label)
3/4 package Soy Deli LF Tofu or 1 Package extra Firm 
LF Mori Nu Tofu
1/2 chopped onion
1 chopped tomato
1/2 chopped green pepper
4 TBS. Creme IT
1/2 tsp granulated black pepper
1/3 cup dried peppers (optional)
2 TBS. Cheese NOT powder (or FF parmesan, or nutritional yeast flakes)


Sauté onions, tomato, green pepper, dried pepper, granulated black pepper
in a pan. Keep heat fairly low and no pan spray is necessary if you use a
non-stick pan. When it is almost done, and the tomatoes are slightly 
cooked down, add the Creme IT and Cheese NOT. You may need to
add some water to keep it reasonably runny.  Keep covered. Don?t
over cook. You can add other vegetables per your choice. 


Put won ton on dry area of counter. If it gets wet it sticks 
together and is hard to separate. Lay out one square 
for each ravioli on ravioli maker. Ends will overlap. Press
down form to make pouches in the ravioli.  Process tofu to
make it ?cheese like? in a food processor. If you don?t have
a ravioli maker you can just stuff the tofu into the wraps
individually. You will need to moisten the tops to get them
to stick closed after you stuff them with tofu.  Moisten the
tops of the won ton before you apply them over the stuffed
ravioli. Roll them with a pastry roller to seal. Cut each one
out with a sharp knife. There will be some waste dough, but
won tons are inexpensive. You can keep the dough on if you
want, and it will shrink anyway. 

Cooking ravioli:

The first time you make it, there is a tendency to overcook.
You can fry the ravioli in a non-stick pan for about two minutes
on each side. You will need to spray the pan with Pam lightly if
you do this. If you steam the ravioli, you will need to use a bamboo
steamer, because it will stick to any other kind, since you didn?t
brush them with olive oil, like the Italian chefs do. If you boil them,
don?t leave them in for more than about two minutes each, same
with steaming. Pan fried ravioli will be chewy. Some people adore
them like that. Steamed or boiled ravioli will tend to stick together
in a glutinous mass if you attempt to store them prior to serving,
so you should probably try to make them just before serving, or
line each layer with wax paper to put them in the fridge for later. 


Serve stroganoff over about 4 ravioli. A slice or two of WW
rye bread goes well to sop up sauce. This is a very ?m**ty?
dish. It will fool SAD eaters. The won ton has about 160 mgs
sodium/4 slices. You can use your own dough to reduce the
sodium, but making ravioli with your own dough is a time
consuming process. I wouldn?t add any salt to the stew. The
Dixie Diner?s products will give this a very rich, cheesy taste.
If I didn?t make this myself, I wouldn?t believe it didn?t have
added fat. I would never eat this in a restaurant, because even
if they made it the same way, I wouldn?t believe them after tasting it!
Prepared purchased ravioli has added fat. This is also wonderful
served over gnocchi, which has no added fat. Don?t overcook
the gnocchi either. Serves about 4.

Mike Rosenblatt