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Re: Beano, gas and hydrogenated oil

> For those of you who may have tried Beano and didn't find that it 
> solved your problem, I'd like to suggest that you try it again, 
> but much more generously than you may have in the past. For a 
> portion of refried beans or a large serving of soy or cruciferous
> vegetables, at least 15 drops or three tablets, taken with the first
> bite of food, does the trick. Any less and I'm a "persona au gratin" 
> (who cut the cheese?). 
> Beano offers free samples by calling 800-257-8650.  
> ---
Just a reminder that Beano should NOT be used by people who are
allergic to penicillin!

I am one of them, but fortunately I don't generally have flatulence
problems when eating beans or cruciferous vegetables.

Jane Colman		jane@xxxxxxxxxx