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"fake fat"

We have been trying to get ahold of Wonderslim FF pie crusts. My wife
loves them (I find them a bit dry), but what's new? Dixie cannot 
provide them because there are "problems at the Wonderslim company."

Also, some readers have been trying to get Wonderslim fat replacement,
or complain that they don't like the taste of it. We use Sunsweet "Lighter
Bake" made from dried apples, pectin, and dried plums. It works out 
very well in most recipes, and of course, contains no fat. Despite the
fact that it is sweet (by itself), it doesn't tend to sweeten most
recipes, because you only use one half of what you'd ordinarily use:
1/2 tsp oil equivalent to 1/4 tsp Lighter Bake. (1-800-417-22530)

One thing I wouldn't do is use Ener-G egg replacement with this product
or in a bread machine. We tried it and the dough didn't rise at all. 
I don't know what the problem was, but it was a disaster. Yes, the 
yeast WAS fresh. We have used Lighter bake in a bread machine with
excellent success, and have even used it for pizza crusts, also with
excellent results. I think the Ener-G stuff was the problem. 

I'm not sure I like the taste of Ener-G egg replacement...I used it
as a glaze cover to make some oven baked potatoes and it imparted
a rather bittery taste to the results. Maybe I used too much...or
perhaps it is not designed as a glaze. 

Using Lighter-Bake will certainly reduce or even eliminate fat
content from many baked recipes and open up the doors for 
cakes and pastries that are otherwise verbotten. When you use
it in recipes with a tablespoon of soy flour, or mix silken
low fat tofu in your pastry recipes, it produces a product
with much more "food and nutritive" value. In addition, the
tofu will add a "custard" like consistency to many pastries
that improves the taste. Yes, tofu has fat in it. I only
use the lowest fat tofu (Mori-Nu) in recipes at home, but eat
the full fat kind in restaurants. A 3 oz piece of Mori-Nu has only
1 gm of fat in it. The average portion you will have in a pastry
you make yourself may provide you with about 1 to 3 gms of fat,
none of it saturated and of course...no cholesterol. But it 
makes a "complete" protein out of cake--if you use whole
wheat flour. All hail Tofu...the miracle food. 

Mike Rosenblatt