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Beano, gas and hydrogenated oil

As a user of Beano, a comment in Fatfree digest Vol 97, Issue 45, 
about Beano having hydrogenated fat concerned me. I called AKPharma,
the manufacturer, to find out about this.

The tablets indeed do contain a microscopic amount of hydrogenated
cottonseed oil, nine thousandths of a gram (.009 g) in order for them
to be removed from the press that forms them. That amount is so small
that you'd have to take 110 tablets to get the equivalent of a one 
second spray of Pam. The Beano liquid drops do not contain any oil.

I scrupulously avoid foods with hydrogenated oils, since this process
makes the fat similar to naturally saturated fats, but I'll keep 
taking Beano when I'm going to be around others after eating
gas-producing foods. The infinitisimally small amount of 
hydrogenated oil in those Beano tablets isn't enough to be of
concern to me - and I'm about the strictest McDougall/Ornish follower
I've ever met.  

For those of you who may have tried Beano and didn't find that it 
solved your problem, I'd like to suggest that you try it again, 
but much more generously than you may have in the past. For a 
portion of refried beans or a large serving of soy or cruciferous
vegetables, at least 15 drops or three tablets, taken with the first
bite of food, does the trick. Any less and I'm a "persona au gratin" 
(who cut the cheese?). 

Beano offers free samples by calling 800-257-8650.  
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