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the WHY's of my rice cooker

Bev wondered why a rice cooker.  Well, we bought one for my husbands
business trips.  He travels several times a year and ends up in conference
hotels, not usually very vegan/lowfat friendly.   I make up some homemade
mixes and he cooks them in the rice cooker.  He has a hot, nutritious and
filling meal and can supplement with salads, fresh fruit, etc.  Works well,
but it does add to the suitcase size, sigh.

After using this we find it is really convenient, but we prefer to cook
with non-reactive cookware for daily food preparation and have been unable
to find a rice cooker that is not aluminum or plastic.  So we use it only
for travel.

The mixes, in case you are wondering, are reallly pretty interesting:

I buy bulk, instant TVP Chili mix and bulk dehydrated instant beans at the
health food store, add rice or bulghar wheat, there is one.

Brown rice and red lentils, add raisins, a tablespoonful of dehydrated
veggies, some veggies broth mix and curry powder.

Rice, a tablespoon or two of millet, red lentils or yellow split peas,
dehydrated veggies, some snipped sundried tomatoes, veggie broth mix.

Any other ideas are welcome!

Jan Gordon <jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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