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RE: FF Pizza

>>OK, this option is expensive (so I haven't tried it).  Last night while 
at the local Whole Foods store I noticed that they carry the line of 
Puck's frozen pizzas.  One is a cheeseless grilled vegetable  pizza that 
wonderful--but it cost $6.39 for what looked like a one-person pizza.  Not 
habit I want to start, but perhaps it would fit the bill for someone else.

Cynthia Richter

I have tried the Wolfgang Puck cheeseless pizza.  In my opinion, the 
vegetables give off too much water when it is heated up, sort of ruining 
the texture.  This is true even when using a preheated pizza stone.

By the way the Whole Foods Chain sells the Puck pizzas for $4.99, so if you 
want it, look elsewhere.