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Thanks and ???Tofu Dogs

Thanks to everyone who responded with all sorts of ideas on hoe I can move my family 
into the world of VLF eating without breaking the bank!  I am taking the advice of the 
many folks who said I should forget about trying to make everything taste like the meat 
I used to eat, and learn all new things instead.  I bought Dr. Ornish's "Eat More, Weigh 
Less" and also his cookbook, and got some wonderful ideas.  Today a trip to a local 
HF-Supermarket revealed a world of new eating ideas, and at fairly reasonable prices.

I do have a question about the Tofu Dogs, since we are invited to a "Bring Your Own 
M**t" barbecue next weekend, can you grill these little guys?  I'd like to bring 
something that will make the kids feel like they're having "hot dogs" like the other 
kids, and then I will also bring a VLF side dish/salad.  

Thanks again for your help.  This is a great list.  I'll be payin' everyone back with a 
great recipe of my own sson, ok?

~~Butterflye~~ (Lyn)