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Recipe update

          For the person who asked about trying recipies from the list
          at home, two that I tried recently were EXCELLENT, although
          I am afraid I don't remember the original posters, thanks to
          both of you:

          Sweet potato and black bean burritos
                   were out of this world.

          Vegetarian Brunswick
                   was also quite exceptional.

          Question, my mother-in-law (who is Peruvian) makes this
          quite good, and very high-fat, dish that has potatoes,
          zucchini, some other squash stuff, all in a yellowish type
          sauce.  Later in the cooking she unfortunately also adds
          pork.  I have tasted the dish pre-pork adding, and it is
          quite good, but getting all of the ingredients out of her is
          like pulling teeth.  Anyone possibly know what could be in
          it? specifically what makes the sauce so yellow?  My husband
          considers making a bowl of cereal "cooking" and has
          absolutely no clue, though he GREW UP on the stuff.  <sigh>