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Egg Replacer as binder/Bean prep question

<<A few nights ago I attempted to make burgers with boiled fava beans and
minced onion.  As you can guess, it was more like mashed beans than
burgers and exceedingly unappetising to look at!

Does anyone know how to fix this without resorting to using '*ggs'?

Have you tried Ener-G egg replacer?>>

I've Egg Replacer quite a bit for many years.  It is not very viscous when
first mixed (I suspect that's why eggs are used as binders) but, if you
whip it, it will actually fully whip up like egg whites (though, IMO, it
tastes *awful* as meringue .. tastes like I imagine cornstarch paste would
taste and is gooey after not too long .. ::shiver::).  I think that would
be worth a try as a binder for burgers, though, whipped only until thick,
not like meringue.  The product works *beautifully* for baking.

Shona, what a GREAT idea grinding dry beans to make burgers!!  I have a
Vita-Mix which would be perfect for this.  I doubt I would have tried it
(or thought of it) had you not written about having done it.  Hmmm ..
ground, soaked beans must cook quickly for making "refried" beans, too, eh?
Whoa .. I won't buy the instant beans at the HFS (too $) but this may be
the answer.  I've been relying a lot on canned FF refried beans lately ..
still playing with my new baked tortilla shell pans ;).

BTW, someone wrote to me a hint for beans to soak them overnight, drain and
freeze in recipe amounts .. then they were to cook in 20 min.   I tried
several times .. didn't work for me (took full cooking time) :(.  Another
wrote to soak, drain and freeze in fresh water .. THAT makes more sense,
being in more water.  I'll try that next time.  I love beans but don't love
the 2 hour cooking time for so many (I tend to use 12-17 bean mixtures,
something like .75 at Trader Joe's!).  I want to just, on a whim, pop a cup
of beans (other than canned) into a soup that's already cooking and have it
work!  Anyone actually *do* this and have it work (other than freezing
pre-cooked beans .. I'm looking for a time-energy efficient way to cook
them only once)?