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Microbial enzymes

> > If something is made with microbiotic enzymes (like in cheese). Is is
> > vegetarian, or does it run the risk of having some kind of fish stuff
> > there?
> Most cheeses aren't vegetarian due to the use of rennet in the 
> cheese-making process.  There's loads of information at 
> http://envirolink.org/arrs/VRG/cheese.html, including a list of 
> vegetarian cheeses.

Yeah, I know about rennet, but what about microbial enzymes? Are they the
same thing as rennet? I have a list of restaurant chains off of the World
Guide to Vegetarianism... and under their listing for Wendy's, it states
that "All their cheeses are made from microbial enzymes." What does that

Thanks again!