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egg replacement

On April 15, Sue wrote,

A few nights ago I attempted to make burgers with boiled fava beans and
minced onion.  As you can guess, it was more like mashed beans than
burgers and exceedingly unappetising to look at!

Does anyone know how to fix this without resorting to using '*ggs'?

Have you tried Ener-G egg replacer?  It's recommended by the McDougalls and
they say you can use it to replace eggs in baking, so why not in your
burgers?  I paid $4.50 for a one pound box - you mix it with water.  To
replace one egg you use 1 1/2 teaspoons of the replacer mixed with 2
tablespoons of water.  At that rate, it should go a long way.  Must admit,
though, I've not tried it myself.
Linda in NJ