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Red River Cereal

Sylvia Gender  (from Canada) said:

"Flax seeds have fat content by virtue of linoleic acids, which we do need,
but are highly recommended by Naturopaths for providing bulk and when
detoxifying the body. I used them cracked and mixed with plantain leaves,
dried corn silk, and psyllium as a colon cleanser (call it swamp muck), but
also enjoy Red River cereal a lot. One naturopath recommends cooking 2 T.
in a bit of boiling water."

There has been discussion on this list about foods that are available in
the US but not in Canada. Red River cereal is a wonderful product that is
available all over Canada, but I have never seen in the US. Fortunately,
Windsor, Canada is just across the Detroit River from us and we just go
over there to get it.  Red River cereal is cracked wheat and flax seeds.

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