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another quick meal

Hi all --
This goes with the thread of super-quick/convenience meals for when you are
too tired to make anything else. Don't remember if anybody else posted it...
but I had it for dinner last night so here goes...

Tofu dogs!

Marketed under various names (my personal favorite is called, I think, Tofu
Pups), these all tofu hot dogs are easy to throw together in a snap. I keep
a package on hand in the fridge, and a bag of buns in the freezer. In the
time it takes to boil the water I can defrost a couple of buns and get out
the condiments. Then I throw the hot dogs in for two minutes to cook...  and
at the same time nuke up a can of saurkraut. Everything gets done at the
same time and...

voila. Dinner in under five minutes.


"The toque is to keep your head warm in the
winter and your beer cold in the summer."
-Bob and Doug Mc Kenzie