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yogurt cheese

Karen wrote about the tart flavor.  This has been bothering me
of late too.  Actually, I love tart flavors, but I like smooth
flavors at times too.

In France, there is "fromage blanc".  They say the equivalent is
American cream cheese, but that's not true.  Fromage blanc is 
much softer.  Like yogurt, it comes in regular, lowfat, and nonfat
versions.  It is just delicious, very similar to plain yogurt but
not tart - smooth.  It is a great topping for spice breads or
fruit.  In fact, there is a nonfat version made by Yoplait.  Why
can't they sell that stuff here?  Has anyone found anything similar?

Let's start a letter-writing campaign, and get that stuff exported
(by someone other than me -- customs/agr doesn't seem to mind!)
to other countries.

While I'm writing, I'd like to poll again about people's best tactics
for airplane food.  I thought I had a good formula (order veg, no ovo,
no lacto, which is usually available and usually lowfat) but it failed
miserably on a recent United trip.  Gory details omitted.  Most people
will tell me to bring my own, and I try to do that, but on long flights
with long commutes to the airport and long waits between transportation
mediums and strange hours, it is hard to do this.  There is not a 24-hr
Safeway next to all major international airports.