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Yogurt Cheese

Hie there,

I'm straining yogurt right NOW in my fridge for the very first time... have
read about the process in a book and wanted to try it... I'm using 1/2
natural non-flavoured & 1/2 blueberry flavoured yoghurt coz I just can't
stand the plain one on its own...

Since it's my 1st attempt - can I check with you guys out there if I'm
doing it right?? The yoghurt's pectin-free, being placed in a cloth
strainer and the whey collected... Do I have to strain it for 24 hours, or

Plus, I honestly have no idea (yet), what I'm going to do with all the
cheese I'm going to get... what do you use yoghurt for?? Any recipes??

Thanks alot, in advance,
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Karen Lim
National University of Singapore