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Re: Leanne's dressing discovery!

Your idea for mixing salsa and ff sour cream sounds great, and I can't
wait to try it. Even vegans could do this using soy yogurt!  Why not try
mixing salsa into the yogurt "cream" cheese that we've been discussing
lately? It might make a good stuffing for enchiladas or an addition to
burritos or taco salads. I bet you could add just about any ff  bottled
dressing, or dry packet dressing mix, to the ff sour cream or soy yogurt
( or dairy yogurt ) to achieve lots of different "creamy" dressings. Italian dressing mix comes to mind and that tangy red French bottled dressing
( Ken's, I think ) would also be "yum-o-rama"  ( I like that expression
by the way---it got a giggle out of me!! )   ;-)
Thanks for the idea, Leanne, and for getting my "creative juices" (
digestive? ) flowing!
>From Mary Sue, in Springy but right now rather nippy, Barrington NH