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Re: School Lunches

There's an article in Vegetarian Times this month about how to go about 
pursuading the public schools to serve healthy, meatless lunches.  Sort 
of a step-by-step procedure of how to go about dealing with the system.  
I haven't read it (yet), but it looks very good.


On Thu, 5 Sep 1996, Judith White wrote:

> Most districts are now paying careful attention to the fat content in their
> lunches.  Call your administrative office and ask for the number of the
> food service manager and ask about fat content as well as all the other
> nutritional info.  The feds  and usually the State require them to do all
> kinds of analysis in order to receive federal/statel funds for low income
> kids.   You may be pleasantly surprised and save yourself the time and
> trouble of preparing and paying for a sack/lunch box lunch.  You may even
> find school lunches are more economical as well as very healthy.
> If you are not pleasantly surprised, invest in some wide-mouthed containers
> and try sending leftovers, healthy soups, pita sandwiches, just about
> anything wrapped in a tortilla.  If you put in a frozen juice container,
> and send servings of pudding, jello or fruit they will stay cold.   Low-fat
> cookies/cakes, pretzels, sunflower seeds, unbuttered popcorn, salsa/baked
> chips, and just about anything your child eats otherwise can be packaged.
> Even a lovely stir-fry or pasta dish.
> But first, check out the school lunches.