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School Lunches

Most districts are now paying careful attention to the fat content in their
lunches.  Call your administrative office and ask for the number of the
food service manager and ask about fat content as well as all the other
nutritional info.  The feds  and usually the State require them to do all
kinds of analysis in order to receive federal/statel funds for low income
kids.   You may be pleasantly surprised and save yourself the time and
trouble of preparing and paying for a sack/lunch box lunch.  You may even
find school lunches are more economical as well as very healthy.

If you are not pleasantly surprised, invest in some wide-mouthed containers
and try sending leftovers, healthy soups, pita sandwiches, just about
anything wrapped in a tortilla.  If you put in a frozen juice container,
and send servings of pudding, jello or fruit they will stay cold.   Low-fat
cookies/cakes, pretzels, sunflower seeds, unbuttered popcorn, salsa/baked
chips, and just about anything your child eats otherwise can be packaged.
Even a lovely stir-fry or pasta dish.

But first, check out the school lunches.