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Retreiving Digests

For Kathy Watson, who requested someone send her the prematurely deleted Digest
#245, I'm attaching instructions for retrieving digests to the whole group.  
Hope this info is helpful to all of you new members who may sometime have
the same request.

Here are the easy, no-fail instructions:

send a message to:	  	fatfree-request@xxxxxxxxxxx
in the subject line put:	archive
in the body of the message, put the following and nothing else, not your
name, e-mail address or anything else that might prefill on your screen,
including a blank line or any spaces:

get volume96/245

Then send the message. Within minutes you'll have the digest in your

Obviously, the 245 in the message above refers to digest #245. Change this
number accordingly.  I would imagine that when it becomes 1997, we'll change
96 to 97 at that time.

Hope this helps.

Natalie Frankel