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Re:school lunches

At 07:27 AM 9/5/96 -0700, various people wrote:
>   One more important thing...I can't seem to get my daughter to eat hardly
>anything for breakfast.  She's used to being up for awhile before she eats
>and now that I have to get her up early and ready for school, it doesn't
>seem like enough time for her to get hungry.  I almost have to force her to
>eat a few bites of something.  I tried doing everything first and then
>feeding her, like getting dressed and her hair and stuff like that, but
>she's still not wanting to eat.  What should I do?   

I know breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, but
if your daughter isn't hungry, don't force her to eat. Kids are smart, and
know when they are hungry (unlike many of us as adults!) 

Perhaps you could give her something small to have when she first gets to
school? My mom used to do this for us when we weren't particularly hungry in
the morning. Bananas and individually wrapped things like breakfast bars
(health valley makes some good ones) worked well for us.

>Does anyone here know about something called the "Zone"?
>(type of diet)  Any experience with it?

If you want more info about it, you might check out the archives of the
Training-nutrition list:


There have been more discussions about this diet than you would possibly

All I know about it is that it's definitely not very low fat. I think that
it's about 30% cal from fat, and supposedly keeps carbs in check to prevent
insulin spikes. According to reviews that I've heard in the media by the
"health experts," the reason people lose weight on this diet is that it
restricts calories. "They" also say that most people won't be able to stick
with it long term because it's very restrictive.

Personally, I think one is better off sticking to a low fat diet and eating
when you're hungry (and stopping when you're full, of course.)