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I just wanted to contribute to the discussion about cravings, which Steve is 
having some problems with.  Jan advised that the cravings will lessen, and 
in general I would agree with her.  This certainly is what happened to me. 
 I developed different cravings (ie for fruit) instead.

Although, I have been a vegetarian for about a year now, I still get 
cravings for meat (*any* meat)  and an awfully tired feeling whenever I get 
my period.  I keep expecting this to lessen, but it doesn't seem to.  I am 
usually able to ignore them (with some difficulty)  but sometimes I feel as 
though I just have to eat meat.  If I eat a few bites of chicken, I feel 
much better. However, I would really prefer not to do this.....

Dos anyone else have a similar problem.  Would another food suffice in this 
situation?  I am not anaemic and am basically very healthy.

Just for the record,  I get a little cross when people tell me this is all 
in my head. Generally I appreciate that a lot of accepting a new diet is 
about determination, but this is real.  I believe that every woman's PMS can 
be different and that it is *very* real for each one of us.