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To the people who had questions about TVP

You can use TVP anywhere that you would have used ground b**f. Tacos, sloppy
joes, "h*mb*rger helper"(yuck!), lasagna - (my husband is a "sad" eater and
doesn't know that his lasagna contains TVP). Use your imagination! You
reconstitute 1 cup of TVP to 1 cup less 2 tablespoons boiling water, or
vegetable broth. TVP will pick up the favor that it is mixed or
reconstituted with. You can brown it, but watch it because it will stick to
the pan, (no f*t) When I became a vegetarian I used it alot, but now I'm
used to eating a vegan diet and I don't use it as much. I'm able to fool my
"sad" eating husband in alot of dishes, so I still use it for him. There is
a cookbook called "The TVP Cookbook". It's a green paperback..not sure of
the author because I loaned the book to my sister. I bought it at my health
food store. Have fun!!

Andie Woolman