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recipe using dry milk

here's a recipe that calls for dry milk (non-instant) powder:


1/3    	c. honey or brown rice syrup		
4T.  	applesauce				
1      	c. nonfat dry milk powder		
1&1/2	tsp. cinnamon				
1      	tsp. allspice
1     	tsp. carob powder or cocoa
3-4    	T. water
1          tsp. vanilla

     Mix all ingredients, beating until smooth.  Add additional dry milk or
water to achieve desired consistency.  Ices one 13X9-inch cake.

i love this stuff, and so do my kids!!!

Also, I roast garlic all the time for French bread, and I've never used
salt, just the garlic.  I wrap it in foil, which I hate to do because of the
aluminum, so maybe i'll try a covered dish next time.
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