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Top Ramen

Hi Geoff,

> There was post in #250 that mentioned the option of  
> Top Ramen fro a veggie college student...                                 
> Definately been there, done that, untill                            
> I noticed that even the "tomato" or"mushroom"  
> flavored ramen has things like "beef flavor" or "beef extract".          
> I'm guessing that the remark was made                                        
> as somewhat as a joke, and I  
> definately not attacking the poster, but I know sometimes                
> I'm not suspicious of my food!                                               

	That was me, and I was serious - but ONLY Top Ramen Oriental is 
vegetarian.  Maruchen (sp?) have no veg flavors, and all the other TR 
flavors contain meat.  It's not low-fat, though, so I 'spect to get 
flamed from the rest of the list for that.

> Wouldn't it be nice if there would just                                      
> be some symbol on all processed                                            
> food to tell us when it was vegetarian or vegan or not?  Sigh....         

	I definitely agree about the symbol - I've often lamented that 
fact, since meat shows up in the most unlikely places, and it's sometimes 
hard to find it in the ingredients list.  I wish they could put a V or 
something on food like they put K on Kosher food.

Take care,

(also an aggie, btw, '92)