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Hi all-

Could someone tell me what aubergine is from that recipe?  Seems like
something I should know, but I've never heard of it.

Gretchen, thanks for validating my thoughts on the list abuser.  Needless to
say, I sent him a personal email that was never answered.

Mera, IMHO your cholesterol should be tested fasting.  Even if you didn't
have fat prior to the test, there are other foods that raise cholesterol
(ie. sugar).  Also, it is not that total number of 190 that's most important
(and it is still under that 200 guideline that we're always hearing
about)...it's the ratio of your LDLs and HDLs, so they should give you that
breakdown.  Skipping meals slows down the metabolism.  Try eating smaller
healthy snacks during the day if there's no time to eat a full meal - your
metabolism will actually work faster that way - eating, say, 6 small "meals"
a day instead of 3 large ones.

Neal, I liked the nutrition breakdown you provided but I, too, would be
interested in seeing fat grams.

Geoff, if I used to make those ramen noodles if I was in a big hurry - but I
ALWAYS threw out that yucky flavor pack (the source of the beef, chicken,
etc.), and used a little miso in the water after they were cooked, and added
some tofu and veggies.

take care