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Ah, got back from vacation and about a week and a half of digests awaited my
perusal.  I'm responding to stuff from last week (sorry).

re: oyster sauce.  This is really a misnomer as this brown sauce doesn't
contain oysters.  I think it's always veggie.  Someone please let me know if
I'm wrong.

Also, Efrat quoted from a book (I don't know what book that was) about hair
and nutrition.  This particular book referred to Biotin as Vitamin H.
Biotin is a B VITAMIN, so I don't know where this H stuff is coming from.
Biotin is expensive, and therefore you will see it in diproportionately low
% to the other Bs in cheap supplements.  Higher quality B complexes should
have the Bs more balanced (more Biotin = more expensive supplement).  The %
of the RDI for Bs that are in the supplement should not vary more than 500%
between each other.  Poor quality supplements will have something like 1500%
of the RDI for an inexpensive B, and 10% of the RDI for Biotin.  Put that
back on the shelf!!  (: