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Re: thanksgiving

In a message dated 96-10-17 10:11:30 EDT, you write:

>> Max Weight Loss has some Acorn Squash stuffed with curried cranberries and
>> we've made that before.  He also has a nice stuffed pumpkin.  Winter
>> is filling and goes with cinnamon/curry range of spices.  Also, sweet
>> potatoes mashed with crushed pineapple cinnamon and brown sugar and baked
>> good & filling.  You could proably use molasses for the sugar...
>> in DC
>could you PLEASE PLEASE post the squash and sweet potatoes 
>recipes.... they sound absolutely DELICIOUS :9

the squash recipe is in the McDougall Max Weight Loss book, which is
available at local libraries.  I think it was just baked squash with
wholeberry cranberry sauce.i recall adding a little curry powder and some
chopped up water chestnuts for extra texture.  

bake the squash, (scoop the seeds out obviously) and reheat with the stuffing
in it till it is all hot but not soggy. 

  sweet potatoes i think was 6 sweets, cooked peeled and mashed with a
lightly drained 20 oz can of pineapple, a couple of tablespoons of brown
sugar (or to taste) and a quater teaspoon cinnamon (also to taste).then bake
about 30 minutes to blend the flavors.   sorry, not very good at measuring--i
don't think i ever make the same recipe twice!  cheers, joanna