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In a message dated 96-10-16 07:14:38 EDT, you write:

>From: Shannon McAllister <SMcallister@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>Thanksgiving is almost here - and this being my first thanksgiving on
>the McDougal diet, I'm wondering what to take to my SAD family dinner.
>Any tried and true ideas out there? Something with no dairy that's tasty
>and filling- since it may be the only thing my husband and I get to
>Thanks in advance!!

Max Weight Loss has some Acorn Squash stuffed with curried cranberries and
we've made that before.  He also has a nice stuffed pumpkin.  Winter squash
is filling and goes with cinnamon/curry range of spices.  Also, sweet
potatoes mashed with crushed pineapple cinnamon and brown sugar and baked are
good & filling.  You could proably use molasses for the sugar...     Joanna
in DC