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potato calories and kellogg's cereal

Hi gang,
Just wondering if anyone new the true calories in baked potatoes. The most recent information 
I've found on the web says a plain, raw potatoe has 110 calories to 5 and one half ounces. That 
seems reasonable enough, yet I've noticed that when I'm trying to eat out, a plain baked potatoe 
at Wendy's has 312 calories and a plain baked potatoe at Rax has 200 calories - according to 
their nutritional analysis. Anyone have any ideas why there is such a discrepency when the 
potatoes seem to me to be about the same size? I interested because I not only watch fat 
content, I also try to choose the lowest calorie option available. By the way, I like to snack 
-- anyone have any favorite low, low cal snacks?
Also, as a severe calorie counter, most cereals are too high in calorie count for me on a daily 
basis - usually just a treat. However, I recently discovered Kellogg's All Bran in the grocery. 
The box says the extra fiber brand (this is different from regular All Bran) has just 50 
calories to one half cup. This is very low for cereal - One cup of extra fiber all bran is 
actually very filling - for just 100 calories. Anyone had any experience or know if this 
information is actually accurate? I'd appreciate any comments. Thanks.  Elizabeth