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Re: potato calories and kellogg's cereal

> However, I recently discovered Kellogg's All Bran in the grocery. 
> The box says the extra fiber brand (this is different from regular
> All Bran) has just 50 

Read all ingredients carefully.  I think that brand of cereal (I'm in
France so I can't check) has Nutrasweet.

I hate the fact that most cereals have either added sugar or added
sugar substitute.  I found a brand of cereal that has just wheat bran
and dates and it is wonderful (and only available in Belgium and Denmark).
I think there are versions of all-Bran that do not have sweeteners, but
I can't remember which.  I going to try making my own cereals when I
get back to the States and have all those wonderful organic ingredients.
(There's great stuff here too, but more variety in the US.)

> By the way, I like to snack 
> -- anyone have any favorite low, low cal snacks?

For low-cal snacks, just think vegetables.  Prepare them yourself to
be sure there is no added salt or sugar or oil (if you are cooking them).
Make sure you use a big variety and keeping looking for new ones for

Warning: you'll quickly get addicted to their naturally wonderful flavor!
Honestly, I can't even put dressing on any vegetables any more because I
hate masking their flavor.  One can even have the problem of not getting
enough calories -- if you fill up on vegetables and stop eating, well,
it's hard to get enough from that!

Good luck!