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??Good News for Cocoa addicts

>Date 10 Oct 1996
>Howdy Cocoa Addicts:

>"Good News" according to the latest studies.  They announced recently on 
>US Media that Chocolate (especially the dark) has 5X more 'phenols'
>than a glass of vino.  Phenols prevent clogging of arteries and fights 
>heart disease.  

>According to the dictionary phenols are used chiefly as a disinfectant,
>as an antiseptic, and organic synthesis.

>The reseachers advised eating both chocolate and drinking a glass of 
>red wine in combination to get powerful effect.

I am fairly new to this list and this my first posting.  I have significant
coronary artery disease and have been on the Ornish program for reversing
coronary artery disease since Dec. 1993.  It was recently determined thru an
angiogram test that one of my arteries with a 70% blockage in 93 has only a
30% blockage now.  At the time I attended the Ornish program we  were advised
to avoid chocolate, along with several other foods, due to the high fat and
suger content of most chocolate items.  I don't believe that information has
changed as far as reversing coronary artery disease goes.  But as I read this
post about chocolate I got the impression that some people with my kind of
problem might find this as an open door policy to eat more chocolate.  And
maybe its alright to do that.  But I would like to know more about this
subject before making that assumption.  Thank You.

Ken Gillpatrick  
Loveland, Co.