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good tasting dressing

I've been reading a lot of entries, being new to the service.  I want to
share something good I found, but I think you have to live in Canada, I'm
not sure it's in the States.

I'm diabetic and monitor all fat and sugar in my diet.  I've tasted many
many supposedly diet dressings, and many aren't because of really lax
labelling laws in the U.S.  Canada's are stricter to date, although major
league lobbying by large companies is trying to change that.

For the moment I've found a dressing that actually tastes half decent (it's
really pretty good), if you like the taste of Miracle Whip.  It tastes
similar, but has less than 0.1% of fat per serving, and is only 14 calories
per tablespoon.  It's called Fat Free Food Source Whipped Dressing.  I
strongly recommend it.

I make a veggie dip with it using fresh dill and dijon mustard, mustard
seeds and light yogourt that is delicious.  I can give the proportions if
anyone is interested... actually it's a recipe that came with the jar I

Thanks for all the great recipes that I enjoy reading and making.

Bon jour de Montréal...

Judith Murray

Judith Murray & Bertrand Walle, 4960 Hingston Ave.,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada     H3X 3R2
Phone:  514 488 2621;  FAX:  514 488 3457;  E-Mail  jmurray@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx