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Re: Miso

Miso is heaven-sent to replace butter on baked potatoes, sweet potatoes,
squash, toast, etc. I use the golden-colored kind for this, either mellow
white or chickpea, and I think it tastes better than butter. I also agree
with Sherry that "Miso Master" miso, made my the American Miso Co. in NC,
is superb; it's available in largish natural food stores in platic tubs, in
the refrigerated section. It's organically grown, too. Westbrae miso isn't
quite as good but still is quite fine, and both brands are additive free
(e.g. no MSG).

In _The_Book_of_Miso_, by Wm. Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi, there is a table
of fat, carb, protein etc percentages of the various kinds of miso, data
courtesy of the Japanese Nat'l Miso Association & Japanese Standard Tables
of Food Consumption. Here are some fat percentages:

MISO            FAT %
White           1.4% - 1.9%
Red             4.0% - 4.2%
Barley          5.0%
Hatcho          10.2%