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Re: miso

>I recently posted that miso was high in fat.  I just wanted to post the
>information I have for red miso: 70 calories, 2g. fat, & 4g.soy protein.
That comes out 
>to about 25% fat calories.  Depending on your intentions, you may prefer a
fat free 
>option, but there is generally protein loss when the fat is removed.  Then
you should 
>question if the protein you are consuming is soy based or not.  For me this is 
>important.  Does the fat free miso contain the same amount of protein?

I've never seen miso with fat.  My Westbrae Mellow Red Miso contains, per
tablespoon, zero grams of fat and 2grams of protein. My Westbrae Mellow
White Miso contains the same. My favorite miso, Miso Master Organic
Traditional Country Barley Miso (superb for miso soup), does not have a fat
content listed. However, it contains, in order:  organic soybeans, organic
pearled barley, sun dried sea salt and well water. There may be a bit of
naturally occurring fat in the soybeans, but I'm not worrying about it. Nor
am I worried about missing out on 2 grams of fat with my red and white miso,
as it's quite clear from the literature that protein consumption is among
the least of our worries as vegans or vegetarians.

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