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Re: mince meat sub

>The other day, someone posted a subsitute for mince meat pie, saying to
>sterilize it in canning jars and then place in pastry. I need to know if
>this part is really necessary. Do you NEED to boil in canning jars, or can
>you just follow the recipe until that point? I'm not a preserving person, I
>don't want to buy canning jars and be scared they're going to explode on
>my stove.
>Or does someone have another recipe?


I've always just gone out an purchased a jar of fatfree vegan mincemeat from
my local grocer. It's readily available during the winter holiday season,
and it makes great bar cookies as well as pies. Pennant is the brand name,
and it's advertised as "all fruit, K, no meat, no fat." I think it's just

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