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Re: non stick pans

>I am interested in the recent information about non stick pans because after
>buying several and having their surfaces wear off in a couple months of use,
>I gave up on them.  Are the ones that have been reccomended here more wear
>hardy, or are there secrets to using them to ensure long term survival?  I
>always used plastic utensils to avoid scratching.  Anything else I should
>Thanks for any help you can give me

When I got married  4 years ago, I got a T-Fal cooking set, and it has
worked great!  Even if something has burned in it, I just set it in water
for an hour or so and with a plastic scrub I can just scrub it off.  I have
a couple of scratches here and there (thanks to some careless roommates a
couple years ago) but it still works great!

~Erin Dori

"Everyone thinks of changing the world,
	but no one thinks of changing himself."