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Things you can't buy in Britain

Hello everyone - in case Pegasus Mail has gone weird on me again, my 
name is KATE not KATHERINE. Sorry if this seems picky, but although I 
was christened Katharine (and note the spelling!) it is what my 
mother used to call me when I was being told off. My college 
computing officer says it is too much hassle to change the records 
over. Hence my email address has the first name that I hate, spelt 
wrong, and my maiden name, although our first anniversary is coming 
up on the 25th. Sorry none of this is relevant to the list but I have 
had a lot of (most helpful and very welcome) emails calling me 
Katherine. I know this is the program's fault and not yours!

On the actual subject, as well as not being able to find Grape Nuts 
here in Britain, I also can't find fatfree margarine or cheese. A lot 
of the recipes on here use them and it got me wondering...how can 
they make fatfree margarine? Margarine is oil and water! Also fatfree hard 
cheese...I have often wondered why they don't just make cheese as 
normal, but with skimmed milk instead of full cream. Is that how your 
fatfree cheeses are made? There are "half-fat" cheeses here, made 
with skimmed milk but they have added vegetable oil! Is there a 
sensible reason for this? And could you make fatfree hard cheese at home?