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Re: FATFREE Digest V96 #229

For Randy,

I have MasterCook Deluxe and find it to be a very helpful tool.  It does
nutritional breakdowns for recipes.  There are some ingredients which I
use that are not already programmed into it (ff and vlf margarine
substitutes, for example) but you can enter the ingredient and the
pertinent data for it.  I am pleased with MC.

For Elizabeth,
Have you tried Healthy Choice shredded fatfree cheeses.  They have a ff
mozzarella and a ff cheddar which are available at my favorite
supermarket.  The cheeses are very good in recipes, undetectable, in fact.
I tasted the cheddar right out of the bag, too.  It is pretty good, not
the same as the high fat version, but definitely eatable.  Certainly
better than the Weight Watchers ff slices which don't taste like anything
I would want to eat.

These are my opinions, for what they are worth.