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One more repost that doesn't seem to have made it (I think I must have 
been doing something wrong, but I think I've got it all figured out 

I just read an article in Veggie Life about stevia, an herb sweetener 
than has no calories and is stable in heat or cold (so you can bake with 
it too).  Anyone familiar with this herb?  Apparently it has been 
approved for use as a sweetener in Japan and other countries, and has had 
no negative reports in some 9 years of use.  The FDA has approved it as a 
diet supplement, but not specifically as a sweetener.  So: is it safe?  
Has anyone baked with it?  Experience in modifying recipes?  Effect on 
cholesterol or triglycerides?  Supposedly it is readily available in HFS, 
so I'm curious....

--Ruth C. Hoffman    Lake Zurich, IL         
ruthhoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  OR  LRLady@xxxxxxx  (either address next few 
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking 
new landscapes but in having new eyes."     --Marcel Proust