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Saving Roasted Peppers

A man after my own heart. That sandwich sounds delecious. I happen to 
prefer the flavor of a good roasted green chile. Having lived in New Mexico 
for many years I became addicted to Green Chile's. We would buy them by the 
50lb bag and roast them. We would leave them in a plastic garbage bag 
overnight and peel them. Then we would separate them and freeze them. The 
defrosted at about the same consistency they went in. A bit of Lime juice 
to help retain the bright color, was all we ever added but then it was only 
a very small amount and only on occasion. Possibly it's the canning process 
that turns them to mush? Depends on the part of the country you are in but 
you can get an Anaheim chile from most markets. They roast very well.

You are welcome to E-Mail me if you would like to discuss some more off the 
list, unless there's interest on the list for this.


>Date: Tue, 13 Aug 1996 12:10:32 -0400
>From: Michael Dorval <mdorval@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Saving Roasted Peppers
>Message-Id: <199608131610.MAA04497@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Hi folks--
>One of my favorite LF veg sandwiches involves water-packed roasted red
>peppers as the "meat" and anything else I have on hand (sliced cukes,
>grainey mustard, FF cheese, etc.)
>However, roasted peppers are pricey in most supermarkets size cans and 
>I have found 3 lb. restaurant cans(I'm serious about my peppers)at the 
>wholesale warehouse for only $3.99 but I can't eat that many sandwiches or
>use the peppers for other purposes with losing about a third of them to
>spoilage. I tried freezing some but they are literally mush when 
>Has anyone preserved or stored roasted peppers in bulk and if so--how?
>Tx in advance---Mike