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Re:Saving Roasted Peppers

Michael D. wrote:
I tried freezing some but they are literally mush when defrosted.
Has anyone preserved or stored roasted peppers in bulk and if so--how?
An alternative is to make red pepper coulis. It should freeze well. It was
mentioned in reviews of gourmet restaurants and aroused my curiosity. Then
I found myself in the dining room of a culinary institute (which I had
thought was still a salad bar restaurant), and my companion ordered it as one
of the sauce options on the cracked-black-pepper-encrusted s*lm*n. Of course,
I sampled it. We think it is nothing but pureed peppers! The bright red color
made a stunning addition to the entree. It could be used with patties, 
loaves, pasta or whatever, with seasonings added if desired. Sometimes a pool 
of it is put on a plate first, so the red contrasts directly with the white
background. I'm off into visual aesthetics here, but it tastes good, too!