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Re: Phoenix Dining

	I was pleased to see someone other than myself promote the dining scene in 
Phoenix. I thank Tricia for posting such a wide variety of some very good 
restaurants around the valley. One restaurant she mentioned is much more than 
a quick vegie solution to out of town dining.
	Riazzi's Italian Gardens is located less than two miles from downtown Tempe, 
South on Mill Avenue to the corner of Alameda and Mill. Riazzi's moved to this 
location several years ago when the State asked them to move from the original 
location on East Van Bueren near Papago Park. The new location has been 
extremely successful and if you try it you should not be disappointed. I have 
dined only once at the new location and it was very nice and just as friendly 
as the original location.
	Riazzi's has been a landmark of Phoenix Dining. Many past visitors may 
remember their location on East Van Bueren, close to Sky Harbor and nestled in 
solitude of Papago Park. The Riazzi's (Jim, Lucy and kids) moved here like so 
many other Arizonans to try and make a new life. They accomplished this by 
introducing some of the finest Italian recipes ever passed down by a family. 
The Riazzi's buy the restaurant's supply of tomatoes from the same farm every 
year. The Tomatoes are harvested at the moment of perfection, canned, and 
shipped to Phoenix from somewhere in Salinas Ca..
	Before I recieved the nickname cpt.veg most of my customers knew me as, " 
Brad the Produce Guy". On many occasions I would watch them start the sauce at 
6am to serve after 6pm. The sauce was perfectly rotated over night to take 
care of the lunch business the following day. 
	If you ever visit Tempe or Phoenix, please look up Jim and Lucy, tell them 
that "Brad the Old Produce Guy", says, "Hello Via the Internet". If you like 
Pizza, look no further you have found the best. 

		Cpt.Veg, the produce guy.

Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1996 09:35:50 -0700 (MST)

Subject: more veg restaurants in Phoenix.....

Riazzi's Italian Gradens-731.9464
2700 S Mill Ave
pastas, eggplant parmigiana, gnocchi