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Re: Quark cheese

Not sure waht quark is but we have that here too and I purchased a 
tub by mistake thinking it was Ricotta......it looks the same but it 
is slightly bitter...
Stil ,very eatable in sadnwiches, etc...as a spread.....
.not sure in what else it can be used for...


> [To Victoria in Germany] What a nice surprise to find in your post about
> seitan that quark cheese really exists! What does it taste like? Is there a
> brand name? Where is it made? Maybe an ethnic deli would have it. Before
> VLF versions of high-fat cheeses were available in the US, I looked in a book
> on cheeses for something really LF and found references to hoop, quark and
> sapsago (sounds like a law firm). (Sapsago is a salty grating cheese; I
> didn't buy it a second time. Hoop is similar to a dry cottage cheese; I used
> it for spreading.) None of the markets or HFSs had quark, and when I went to 
> the owner of a cheese shop and said I was looking for quark, his response was 
> "Who?"