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tofu cheese

In a message dated 5/7/02 1:12:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
fatfree-request@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

 They say it is low fat, lactose free and cholesterol free.  
Nature'salternative to cheese.  They also say on the package that &quot;no 
animal fats are used in this product&quot;.


I use this product and enjoy it as well, but I think it is important to note 
that while no "animal fats" are used in the making of the it, it does contain 
casein, a milk protein.  So while it is lactose free, it is not dairy free.  
And, more to the point of this list, it DOES contain 2 grams of fat per slice 
(regardless of what type of fat it is) so it is not fat free.