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Re: Fat-Free Snack Options

Dina wrote:
> I just joined the list before the holidays and wanted to introduce myself.
> My name is Dina and I am from Toronto, Canada.

Welcome, Dina! We have quite the Canadian contingent here.

I have gone through the
> archives and found amazing recipes.  However, I was unable to find
> snacking options.  I am also interested in easy fat-free muffin recipes.

Jan gave you some - one I like very much is roasting chickpeas in the oven,
crunchy like peanuts and much less fat/more nutrition. Also good for people
with nut allergies.

BTW, I just went to the archives and typed in the keyword "snack". The
response I got was:

Your request matches 27 recipes in 17 categories

I'm sure you can find something there 8-).

Be well, Hadass in Winnipeg, also an old-timer who misses the lively