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Re: Fat-Free Snack Options

Hi Dina... Were there any particular snacks you wanted to make?  There's always air-popped
popcorn.  And you can also make your own potato chips.  Basically, you take a potato and slice
it as thinly as possible.  Then you spray a microwavable plate with non-stick spray, arrange
the slices on it, not touching each other, and then microwave them until they start to turn
brown around the edges (can take around 10 minutes, but watch them closely because they will
burn).  When they're done, allow them to cool and become crispy.  Then salt and eat.

I also like to take cooked chickpeas and sprinkle them with a seasoning mix made with salt,
chili powder, and red pepper.  I keep them in the fridge for those times when I want a snack,
and just eat them as finger food.

Another "old-timer" (since 1993),