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Fudge Cake / Prunes / Dates

I know how to make my own prune puree with boiled prunes that have been colled and blendeed, though i omust say that dates work even better in cakes!!! Datess seem to hold the cake as a cake! not as mushy. 

To prepare the dates simply chop and cover with water in a saucepan allow to boil then simmer for just a minute or two. EASY!

PLEEASe can i have the recipe for this chocolate fudge cake it sound pretty good, i like to make at least one cake every two days and if they are fat free then i can eat it all!!!

ThankX guys

>From: Shelly & Dorothy Fleitman
>To: fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Cocoa Fudge Cake
>Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 17:05:38 -0500
>The pureed prunes in the baking section were pretty expensive. You can
>puree uncooked prunes with a little water in a blender or food
>processor. An alternate to pureeing your own prunes is prune baby
>food. Works well in chocolate cakes.