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Re: Yves Veggie Ground Round

Gena wrote:
> i bought some of this at wellspring (wholefoods) because it was new and on
> sale and if you bought 3 packages, you got a free package of breafast
> sausage patties to boot!

Here in Canada the Yves products are available in the mainstream
supermarkets, but then, they are made in Vancouver 8-). I love them, and
they really help with the cravings (I don't think it's so much that I'm
missing meat, as that I occasionally need a protein boost).

I use the ground round, like you did, to make fake bolognese sauce. I also
use it anywhere you would formerly have used ground meat. My 2 y/o will eat
the tofu dogs raw, which makes them nice for daycare (packed in an insulated
bag with an ice pack - no problems so far).

Yves has also brought out a rather nice cookbook. Is it available in your

Be well, Hadass in Winnipeg